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— Guys, I need your hand!

[Pls RT] Guys, I need your hand!

Hello all~ Some announcement for you..

Following up the Korea Indonesia Festival I visited last weekend, there is a contest held by Korean Cultural Center Indonesia, the most liked blog post will get some good prizes. I am currently joining the contest…

And this is where you can help!

  1. You can find and read the blog post here
  2. Like the post
  3. Comment on the post, you can share it on your sns as well.

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— [buzz Korea] Korea - Indonesia Festival 2014

[buzz Korea] Korea – Indonesia Festival 2014

Hello everyone~~ I miss this blog.. I’m sorry not being able to post anything in the past few months. A lot of things happened, my Youtube account was strike ‘thanks’ to one of my subbed videos getting copyright claim and deleted. On the other hand I got a job and well, the first month has been a lot of learning and new experience. Anyway…

Earlier on Sunday, October 5th 2014, me, my family and a…

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When you’re lost, I’ll be here by your side.
for Annie
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Magi is <3 

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spoilers.. spoilers everywhere 

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requested by aoyamaakira 


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Missed watching Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama! You should watch it, it’s an awesome anime and Usui is so hot in the anime! And read the manga to find out more! :D ^_^

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Next to you by JUNHO (From 2PM)
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